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Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Introduction

The Universe has been sending me hints that I should begin a blog, and so here I am. I do love the internet, and am thrilled at how this web of connections crosses time and space to bring us all that much closer. It's no replacement for human contact, of course, but it's a great deal better than writing letters or sending telegrams, and in this age of vlogs and video it's better than a telephone in many cases as well. I especially love that it no longer takes a corporation and clever marketing to make someone famous. Our destinies are squarely back in our own hands... not that anyone else ever took them away in the first place, but it was easy to believe so.

For the most part, I am an internet observer. I read some blogs, I watch videos on YouTube, and I soak it all in, but rarely do I put any part of myself *out there.* I guess this blog is my way of participating in the global community that is growing more each day.

Now that I've got a blog, the next question is, what shall I write about? I've got quite a few options. I'm an aspiring writer with at least one finished novel and many more stories in the works. I could use this as my networking vehicle as I try to get my stories published, and discuss the journey to one day becoming (hopefully) a published author. I am also in school for shiatsu and massage therapy, so I could talk about the benefits of that and the insights of being a bodyworker. I could discuss Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is what shiatsu is based on. I also am a Registered Nurse who works with a mentally ill population, and so I have that perspective. Too, I am a very philosophical person with a tendency to think too much, and I am sure I could come up with many thinky thoughts to blog about. I also consider myself a very spiritual person, with a lot of ideas about how life and the universe works. I don't ascribe to any particular religion, but that does not make me any less enthusiastic about what I believe. And I am a fangirl.... I have my favorite bands, favorite TV shows, favorite movies, etc. that I could probably spend many entries singing the praises of.

So how do I narrow that down into a specific theme for a blog? The solution I've come up with is, I won't. All of these things are part of who I am, and I'm not going to put on a specific mask for this blog. What you will get, in snippets and paragraphs, is me, and I refuse to narrow myself to a simple definition. I hope you'll stick around, though. I think it'll be fun.

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  1. Hi Charolette!

    This is a great start to your blog. I'm just beginning to be dedicated to blogging and, like you, wondered which parts of my life to include. I'm a music reviewer and had, in past, kept my freelance career separate from my fiction writing. It feels much better to show all my faces as a writer.

    Good luck to you!